Introducing my first eBook...and it's FREE


Getting lost and finding my way are two things I know intimately.

Around seven years ago, I experienced a spiritual crisis as the perfect and safe life I created unravelled around me. Eventually, I took a leap of faith, leaving the life I knew behind to follow my heart out into the world to answer a simple but difficult question: what do I want to do with my life that will bring me alive everyday using my unique gifts to make a difference in the world?

That leap of faith eventually led me to discover pilgrimage and the adventure of walking through foreign landscapes alone to a holy destination.

As I walked the Via Francigena, I got lost, a lot, and I cried a lot too. But I always found my way and I learned how to embrace being lost.

In this free eBook, I share stories of getting lost and finding my way along with some of my favourite photos and inspirational quotes.  I offer it to you for free in hope that it may inspire you onto your own unique and unknown path in life and that you may know that if I can get lost and find my way that you can too.

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