Seek the silence beneath the noise

"There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub."—Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Everyday, I listen for the silence beneath the noise.

We live in a busy world—daily work to earn a living, chores and to do lists, relationships to nurture and maintain, places to visit, fun to be had, plans to make, dreams to achieve.

We live in a noisy world—small talk, conversations and laughter, the constant chatter of social media and news, not to mention the thoughts that run rampant through our minds.

Yet beneath the busyness and the noise, there is silence.

Whilst the dictionary defines silence as the absence of sound, nothing in this world lives in a vacuum and everything is connected.

I start my mornings with meditation followed by a hot cup of coffee in my favourite red cup and saucer painted with white and gold Japanese lilies as I listen to the new day beginning: the birds tweeting, cars passing, shower running, metal spoon clinking the cereal bowl downstairs, the builders clanking and calling out to each other as they construct the new townhouses next door.

As I listen and pay attention, I become aware of the silence—the invisible yet solid web that holds everything.

Sometimes the sounds are many and loud and I have to search hard beneath the chatter, the radio, the television, the X-box Lego games being constantly played during school holidays, the pains that ache and throb my body.

In these moments, I call the silence forward to meet me before the noise.

Sometimes I have to put some distance between the noise and myself. I take refuge in my room or I sit outside on the steps of the verandah.

I connect with the silence often throughout the day.
It’s there even at the coffee shop beneath the grinding of the coffee beans, the steaming of milk, the circles of conversations and cheerful cries of children.
It’s there behind the songs on the radio.
It’s there beneath the clamour of my own cascading thoughts.

I connect with the silence especially when I need direction.
The silence carries, supports, nurtures, sustains and guides.
It speaks to me through impulse, desire, images, words, symbols that arise from its calm centre.
It soothes my aches and pains and holds my fears.
It is the mystery and the source of all my creation.
It is the compass of my life’s direction.
It fills me with unconditional love.
It fuels my faith and knowing that I am not alone.
It fascinates and delights me.

This is all available to you too.
All you have to do is stop, breathe, listen.
Feel the silence that is there for you always.

With love and courage,

Kym xx


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