Sweeping out my house

“I ask of life to shine meaning in everyone who is searching.” ~ Aurora Hernandez

I am sweeping out the rooms of my house.
As I work my way down towards the basement
I discover rooms I never knew existed.
Some rooms have been locked for years
and I’ve only just discovered the key.

I used to wonder when the house would be clean.
I sweep and scrub furiously,
pushing everything out
to get the job done.
But the dirt keeps showing up.

It is dark down here
and it’s taken a long time
for me to be able to see
what it is that I am really sweeping.

The dust is not dust but pure fine gold.
The cobwebs are pure silk.
Out of the mud that bubbles
grow brilliant pink lotuses.
The quicksand swallows me whole
only to hold me to my own nurture.

These rooms hold the stories of my ancestors
and stories of my life,
unfolded and unfolding,
onwards beyond a basement
that doesn’t really exist
and upwards towards an attic
that is always just out of reach.

The more I clean, the more I discover
that the rooms of my house never end
and that I am gifted with this dust,
these cobwebs,
this mud,
this quicksand,
this life,
to explore and love
as deeply as I can.

With love and courage,

Kym xx