Joy is...

"Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain." — Joseph Campbell

Joy is...

...waking up to see a strip of bright blue sky in the gap where the drapes don’t quite meet.

...morning messages from your beloved.

...the smell of ground coffee beans.

...watching youtube videos of your favourite spiritual teacher...or anything to do with dogs scared of cats.


Joy is...

...feeling my hips sway side to side as I walk.

...dark pink camelia  petals scattered on the footpath.

...the ethereal aliveness of yellowed leaves in winter sunshine.

...having a conversation with your best friend by snap chat as a honey bee and laughing, laughing, laughing.


Joy is...

...the deliciousness of a bombolone crema for breakfast (aka custard filled donut.)

...a row of bright yellow daisies silently singing ,“I’m happy.” happy hour at the local park: dogs meeting, greeting, jumping, running happy and free as the sun slowly sets.

...a special celebratory meal shared with family using the best crystal and porcelain.


Joy is...

...watching a candle flame flicker and dance as it burns.

...learning to welcome the sensation of each feeling as it arises.

...reflecting on your life and realizing that everything is here to help you and that it has helped you.

...being held deeply and tenderly yet fiercely in unconditional love and truly knowing that no matter how you are, whether scared, happy, anxious, annoyed, grumpy...that you are lovable, loved and enough.


Joy is...

...watching your creativity manifest with each stitch that you knit.

...the evening calls of the currawongs sitting high in the bare winter branches of the oak tree.

...listening to the dangling eucualyptus leaves rustling in the evening breeze.

...the soft glow of a stained glass window breaking the darkness of night.


Joy is...

...sharing a smile with strangers as we walk past on the street, or a friendly mutual wave with drivers as we take turns to navigate parked cars.

...breathing in the sacred scent of a sensual body mist sprayed from head to toe.

...touching the essence of silence.

...resting in the satisfaction of just being.


Joy is....

What brings you joy? 
How can you experience and share more joy in your life?

In these times where there is so much pain and tragedy unfolding in our world, let's point our compasses to love and joy and help it grow brighter than the darkness, together.

With love and courage,

Kym xx