Nothing about you is broken


"You are the most magical creature," he says.
My brows furrow thoughtfully
and I tilt my head to the left side
as I contemplate his words,
simultaneously strange and alluring.

Then the animal that dwells
invisibly beneath my skin
arches her back,
and stretches out her long limbs
as she wakes from her stunned slumber.

Slowly I begin to remember
that who I am is not this body
but this wild essence
that may be temporarily contained
but never tamed.

Never underestimate the power of being seen
for who you truly are and not what you appear.

Never underestimate the healing gift you offer
in seeing the true heart of another,
beyond the illusion of their words
and the masks of their hurts and graces.

This gift touches the untouchable.
This gift points to what is real
and helps the sleeping one awaken
from the false stories she has told,
been told
and believed all her life.

There is nothing about you that is broken
and everything about you is beautiful and enough. 

With love and courage,