Don’t hold back, your inspiration is the medicine we need

No holding back at Trentham Falls, Trentham, Victoria

No holding back at Trentham Falls, Trentham, Victoria

Out of nowhere, inspiration flares as you receive an idea about something to write, paint, create, dance, make.  It lights you up as excitement and possibility surge through your body.

Then one of two things happen:

  1. Your mind interrupts the flow with all the reasons of why it is a stupid idea:

    It’s unoriginal, a waste of time, a waste of energy, a waste of money;
    It won’t lead anywhere or to anything;
    No one will be interested in it;


2.     Some other part of your life gets in the way. 

Maybe the inspiration comes inconveniently in the middle of a busy work day, or at 3 am in the morning when you are desperate to get back to sleep because of your unrelenting work schedule, or the kids are crying or you are doing the 4th pile of washing for the day with another 4 to go.

Or maybe you just feel tired and like you have no energy to give anything than sitting in front of the TV or scrolling through social media.

Your inspired idea is cast aside, ignored, forgotten and shut down.

And so nothing in your life changes except maybe you feel a growing sense of dissatisfaction or disappointment and perhaps you don’t know why.

You must nurture your inspiration.  It is the medicine you need, and the medicine we need.

Inspiration is contagious, for yourself and others.

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Tara Mullarkey posted a poem on her FaceBook page about the wild feminine heart...

This poem spoke straight to my wild feminine heart and after I read it I felt inspired words bubbling up inside me so I grabbed my phone and wrote the stream of inspired words straight into Notes.  I didn’t finish it or post it right away because dot point 2 some other part of my life got in the way, in this case work and pre-arranged social commitments. But I didn’t let my inspiration go. I nurtured it: re-reading my poem, dreaming into the heart of its message  so it could continue to take shape, refining it when I had a couple of minutes to spare, until I was able to bring it to completion and post it. 

The poem I wrote was Something Intelligent and Creative Wants to Be Lived Through You.

If Tara had held back her inspiration, then I might never have written my poem or been inspired to write this post. 

You never know who your creativity, love and spirit will touch in this world. 

Don’t hold it back. Please. Light up, dear one. Light up.

We need a world where people have come alive, living inspired lives, inspiring the lives of others and your inspiration is medicine for a tired and tamed world.

With love and courage,