When it's winter in your soul

Dusk tree

Time ticks onwards.

Days dawn, dusk descends then night falls.

Over and over.

Weeks fall behind me.

Seasons change.

I stand still looking out at a life that looks the same.

Efforts have been made.

Nothing has progressed.

There are questions that can’t be answered

from this viewpoint.

There are answers that can’t be found

from the busyness of doing

or the forcefulness of will.

The only way forward is to not move forward at all.

My soul sings sonnets of surrender.

while my mind shouts action!

But it’s the middle of winter,

a time for everything to rest,

including me.

Seeds can be planted.

Visions can be nurtured.

The body and soul can be nourished

in anticipation of spring

when energy returns

and the seeds will bear fruit.

For now I surrender to stillness,

and embrace the wisdom of not doing

waiting and watching for what wants to emerge.


With love and surrender,

Kym xx