Stop procrastinating and go for your dreams!

Stop procrastinating and go for your dreams!

After hours and hours that add up to days and days that add up to many weeks of work over the last six months, I have finally completed the manuscript of my book. Lovingly and diligently, I have edited, re-edited, re-edited then re-edited until I have a piece of work that feels authentic to my story and my voice. It is something I am proud of.

There is one more step to complete before I can send it out to publishers. Having researched potential publishers and their submission requirements, they have one thing in common: they want a synopsis, a summary of the book in as little as 300 words. 

How on earth do I summarise 90,000 words into 300?

I have a habit of putting things in the “too-hard” basket and so began a period of what I call, synopsination -  procrastinating on writing a synopsis.

So why was I synopsinating and how was I going to move through it?

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