Coaching with Kym

I help you tune into the wisdom within and cultivate the courage to follow your heart’s guidance. This enables you to come home to your true self and make changes in your life in phenomenal ways.

This is pure and gritty soul work. It is not an easy or romantic path for it takes great courage to act upon your heart’s guidance especially when it appears to be in opposition to the world that you live in.

Initially just tuning in to listen to what your heart tells you can be very difficult. The voice of the heart is often very quiet and can go unheard in a loud, busy, outward-focused world.  Sometimes the voices of those around you speak and live very differently, or you are so used to looking out at the world around you for your place in it rather than creating it from the inside out, which makes it difficult to acknowledge and accept what your heart offers as your own truth.

The path of the heart regularly leads us out of our comfort zones and to many edges in our lives where it will urge us to step into the unknown time and time again. Sometimes the edges it leads us to appear to be a bottomless abyss. You face it with tremendous fear and doubt, uncertain that you will make it to the other side or land safely if you take that step.

Sometimes it looks like there is a lot to lose if we follow our heart, but what I know is true is that fear is greatest when you are facing the edge before you take that first step and although your life may not turn out exactly as you imagined it, it usually turns out in ways that you could never have imagined before you leaped.

Life conspires for us, not against us.

I’m here to support you on your path as you listen to and follow your heart’s guidance and cross those edges. This is your journey to wild freedom.

Your invitation

It’s time to start listening to that quiet voice of wisdom within.
It’s time to cultivate the courage to acknowledge and follow your soul’s guidance and forge your own unique path.
No more avoidance, ignoring, procrastinating or holding back.
No more pretending that you haven’t been chosen for your soul’s mission.
The fear won’t go away but as you build courage your ability to hold the tension in your body will grow so the fear will seem less.
As you follow your heart’s callings, deep joy and aliveness will be your new companions.
As you say yes to what’s true for you and no to what’s false, you will strengthen your inner compass and your connection to your soul.
The world needs your soul’s medicine, your voice, your gifts, your courage, your ideas, your fully expressed essence, your truth in whatever form it takes to express you.
Your soul needs you to come home and whole, to be fully you in this world.
Stop comparing. Stop looking outside of yourself for where you fit in. You were never born for that. You belong because you were born.
Stop trying to fit yourself in a box, that’s way too limiting. Take up space. Create your own new shape.
Your life has lead you to this moment.
Now is the time to say YES.
Now is the time to start your real work in this world, untaming and becoming wildly yourself.

If you are ready to say yes, please contact me on +61 (0) 416 299 714 or email me via my contact page.

Kind words…

Kym, you absolutely rock! It was so good to work with you I’m really glad we got to do this together. Thank you for helping me navigate what I feel is an important part of my journey, you are an excellent coach/guide/facilitator.
— Julieanne, Melbourne
Kym was very calming, kind and compassionate offering me a safe space to open up and share my story.
— ST, Melbourne
Thanks heaps for this arvo, I felt I got a lot out of it, the whole process has been very beneficial!!!
— Courtney, Melbourne