Day 2: Dover

Number of kilometres today:  21.97

Number of steps today: 31,123

Total kilometres from Canterbury:  33.97

Total steps since Canterbury: 50,809

I started walking at 9am.  I estimated I was around 18 kilometres from Dover and that it would take me 6 hours to walk.  I wasn't too far wrong.  I arrived at 3.38pm and it turned out to be 21.97 kilometres.

Ironically, it would have taken only 20 minutes to drive. 

Blue skies and sunshine.  It was t-shirt only weather today and I am now sporting a good dose of sunburn to my face, arms and neck. 

After crossing back over the very busy A2, walking on the tiny shoulder Adisham Road with plenty of cars and trucks speeding past to get onto the A2 road, I rejoined the North Downs Way, a long distance walking trail that starts in Farnham in Surrey and ends in Dover.  For most of the day I walked through farmland, through fields of wheat, like a skinny path through the wheat, and past some nervous cows.  As I approached Dover, I walked along an old Roman Raod beneath a canopy of green branches.

There were a few lessons I learned today:

1.  Stinging nettles sting.  I accidentally brushed my hand along side one.

2.  When walking through woodland its best to keep one's mouth shut so you don't choke on those pesky fly things that swarm around trees.

3.  Slow and steady wins the race.

An old case of runner's knee flared up today. I pushed on. I only have one pace and when I get into a rhythm I don't want to stop.  However, pushing on was only making it worse. The only solution was to slow down, and take some rest breaks and stretch.  I stopped in Shepherdswell and ate my sweet flat peaches.  I stopped beneath a big old tree sitting on part of its trunk while I rested and stretched. I even rested in the old Dover Cemetery.  By that stage I couldn't be bothered taking off The Devil so I sat down with it on and leaned back on while I stretched out my legs.

Apart from three blisters on the bottom of my toes, my feet are holding up well.  But my knees are feeling the weight of The Devil.  Right now I can't carry my own bodyweight without my knee hurting so I am off to give my knee some TLC, some stretching, a massage and a roll on my little rubber ball.  Tonight there will be some prayers that it comes good tomorrow but luckily tomorrow will be a short walking day.  The ferry to Calais then a few hours down to Guines. I better start practising my French.