Day 23: Chateauvillain via Clairvaux

Number of kilometres today: 38.0

Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 604.23

Total steps since Canterbury:  856,207

Today was my best walking day yet.  I've discovered my secret for good walking; leave early, allow extra time, let your body find its own rhythm and take regular breaks.

It was a long day.  I left my hotel at 7.15am and arrived at my Chambre d'Hotes at 6pm but I have spent at least an hour lying in the sun. My feet did well today.  No new blisters. No new pain.

This is what Bar-sur-Aube looked like on my way out of town.

Soft. Covered in fog.

I chose the hard path today and hiked up the hills behind Bar-sur-Aube.

This was my reward.

And this.

And of course there was mud through the woods but I didn't care today. It was worth it for that view and I managed to skirt around the edges of this mud pit.

The woods were quiet except for the woodpeckers and the sun softly infiltrated the tall trees.

The grass was covered with spiderwebs covered in silvery dew.

I emerged from the woods into hilly vineyards and the valley still covered in fog.

There were a few hills to climb today.  Each one was a little victory.

There were more old brick walls....

and interesting gates, my current fascinations.

This was my lunchtime view...

while I listened to this bubble behind me.

I sat here...

and here...

in the sun.

It was a blessed day.