Reims to Brienne-le-Chateau in photos

When I am walking, I regularly pause to look back at the path I have walked. Thirty minutes ago I was all the way back there and now I am all the over here. I can visualise myself back at the crest of that hill, tired and aching wondering how much longer it will take me to arrive. Sometimes its a miracle.  Sometimes its a victory. Always its incredible.  

Like looking back at these photos now.  All that I have seen and experienced so far. It is tearfully amazing. I am so, very blessed.

Leaving Reims along the canal

Barge passing under bridge near Reims

Sky approaching Chamagne country

First grapes, Champagne vineyards

Marker in Champagne vineyards

Vines as far as the eyes can see

On the path between the vines

View into Verznay

Champagne tasting anyone?

Cool car on the way into Verzy

Heart-shaped vine leaf

Flowers that brightened my mood after another soaking

Little church in Ambronnay 

Being chased by rain

Les petits chiens.  Cute just don't get too close to the vehicle.

Canal Laterale a la Marne in the morning light

Canal Laterale a la Marne in the morning light

Canal Laterale a la Marne

Mud. It got much much worse.

Lane way in Chalons-en-Champagne

Riverside trail leaving Chalons-en-Champagne

Early morning fields near Juvigny

Yep walked through that and wore it.

The amazing Voie Romaine

Stunning butterfly on my way in to le- Meix-Tiercelin 

Another awesome sky en route to Brienne-le-Chateau on Voie Romaine

Asian flag in tree in Yevres-le-Petit

Chateau in Rosnay l'Hopital I think

Fete de la Choucroute in Brienne-le-Chateau

Competition cow having a breather, Brienne-le-Chateau