Day 34: Vevey

Number of kilometres today: 25.6

Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 945.7

Total steps since Canterbury:  1,340,113

Today was stunningly beautiful.  So beautiful that any pain and tiredness were just over-awed.  I walked beside the calm silvery waters of Lake Geneva.  I climbed up high into the vineyards.  I watched in awe as the haze cleared reviewing the jagged shadows of the Alps.  I ate my jambon et fromage sandwich amongst the hillside vines siting on an old brick retaining wall, dangling my feet over the edge towards the vines below and was dazzled by the view.  And I enjoyed the company of Maurice, a retired Swiss gentleman taking his regular walk from Lausanne to Rivaz where the air is more fresh. 

Tonight I have eaten a picnic dinner in my hotel room, resting my sore feet.  I have been studying the guidebook and the weather forecast to plan my journey over the next week so that hopefully my crossing of Col-du-Grand Saint Bernad hopefully coincides with good weather for good views and an easier climb.  Last night I was feeling daunted by the prospect of the climb with the not-so-light Devil on my back.  But the words of a fellow pilgrim reassured me and todays walk with the Alps in view excited me. 

Tomorrow is rest day and Vevey will indeed facilitate a day of rest.  It is a smaller town than Lausanne so not as much to see but like Lausanne they give free public transport tickets to tourists so that means I can still get around without having to walk very far.  To be honest, after so much walking and constant movement from place to place, I am craving some stillness so other than a possible boat cruise on the lake I will be sitting somewhere quietly absorbing the beauty and magic of Switzerland and massaging my sore feet.   

The door of St Francis Church in Lausanne

Beautiful narrow cobble-stoned streets but hilly.

Cathedral of Lausanne

Statue of Colonel Charles Veillon and silvery view of morning Lausanne

Lake Geneva

Lakeside Lutry (?)

The vineyards above Villette (Lavaux and is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Chruch in Villette

This is where I ate lunch

The magnificent shadowy Alps in the background


Lakeside Cully

Vines around Epesses

Maurice, my walking companion from Epesses to Rivaz

Walking down into Saint Saphorin