Day 38: Martigny

Number of kilometres today: 16.3

Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 1000.3

Total steps since Canterbury:  1,417,481

I have walked 1,000 kilometres. 1,000 kilometres!  Holy wow! 

Today, was an almost perfect walking day.  

16 kilometres is an easy distance to walk.  It affords time for ambling and more pausing and it is easier on the feet. 

The weather was mild, warm enough for a t-shirt and there was no rain.  Misty clouds hugged the mountain tops all day. I past beneath the base of a giant cascading waterfall.  I have walked through woodlands lemoning from Autumn's cool breath and others still a hundred shades of green.  Despite the traffic noise from the expresway they were still steeped in stillness and quiet. I sat on a rock and absorbed the silence and the beauty until I felt the urge to move again. As I ate my lunch, I watched the eagles soar beside the mountains.  I saw my first ever kiwi fruit tree and I past an apple orchard, the trees laden and dropping their fruit to the ground.  Every time I emerged from the trees, there they were, the giant rocky peaks of the Alps hugged by clouds.

The day was almost perfect.  Not quite.  As I walked thorugh one of the woodlands, I tripped on some tree roots hidden by the leaves littered on the forest floor.  I crashed to the ground with the force of the 13 kilo Devil on my back.  Bruised hands.  A muddy knee.  Twinged right calf and hip flexor.  It hurt but it could have been worse. And I saved my iPad from crashing against the ground.

Tomorrow I walk to Orsieres. This is the section that my guidebook describes as being "disliked by some walkers" and "judged dangerous by a number of walkers."  Another pilgrim has described it as "treacherous."  Others have reassured me that there is only a small section that is dangerous, a few hundred metres long, and there is a chain that runs alongside the path (so you can grab onto if you fall???)  I am still feeling a little nervous but am reminding myself that some of the descriptions of other challenging sections were nowhere near as bad as they sounded.  I'm just glad I fell today.  Hopefully I will stay on my feet tomorrow..  

On the way out of Saint Maurice this morning...

I loved that this house was purple.  A great colour for a house.

A creek I crossed over (via a bridge)

Clouds hugging the mountains

This little guy was so cute.

My first ever kiwi tree/vine,  It was growing over a carport with the car parked beneath it. 

The little village of Mieville.

Pisse Vache waterfall.s

An archway of boughs

More of the cloud hugged Alps

Bee hives!


This woodland was beautiful to walk through

I sat near here for a while absorbing the stillness and the beauty

Apple orchards!

Autumn path

This photo doesn't really show how steep this is (I didn't have to climb up it just walked beside it)

Arriving into Martigny

When I wlked out of the supermarked I caught a glimpse of the rocky peaks above the buildings.  I walked down to the tran station but there was noowhere to get a good shot.  This is the best I could do from Place Centrale and it does not do it justice.