Day 45: Viverone

Number of kilometres today: 21.8

Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 1,156.3

Total steps since Canterbury:  1,638,533

During the day as I walk, I often think about all the things I would like to write about; like how this morning I was surpirsed by the Jehovah's Witness stopping me on my way out of Ivrea and I thought to myself that I really must stop singing "I am blessed to be a witness" because the universe got the wrong idea.  Or how in the morning, the first thing I do when I get out of bed is check my waistline because honestly I don't know how I am getting away with eating as much as I am eating, sometimes two breakfasts and all the chocolate and the pattisserie and pasticceria treats and still fitting into my clothes; I think they must have stretched out a little. Or how my new strategy to deal with everyone staring at me is to stare intensely back at them; unlike the French, the Italians are not so keen to say "salve" or "buon giorno" and they stare more noticeably. Or how as I walked through the woodlands there was this undescribale scent of musky warmth on the cool air and I felt sudden pangs of homesickness for India.

I think about all of this and then I arrive into moments so beautiful and perfect like here in Viverone that none of this matters anymore.

Viverone was the perfect place for me to stop.  Tonight has combined everything I love about the world; water, sunset, tiramisu and wine.

It has been too long since I have been able to sit and watch the sun set over water.  The stillness of the calm lake, the sun dipping towards the horizon, the clouds teasing the outcome, the light and the colours ever changing.  Watching a sunset is a meditation and a prayer. I am reminded how important and soothing water is to my soul. A contradiction of clarity and murky depths.  I love the movement and sound of a river flowing.  I love the stillness or ripples of a lake.  But my heart still longs for the sea. And it probably always will.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assumption, Ivrea

The castello in Ivrea

Morning view over Ivrea from near the castello

Walking out of Ivrea

Lago Campagna outside of Ivrea

Woodlands near Case Rivere

Approaching Burolo

My lunchtime companion.  She liked the pecrino I gave her but really just wanted to be patted.


Passingy by more vineyards.

Most of the grapes that have been picked have been left to ripen/ferment on the ground.

Lago de Viverone

More fierce cani.  There were actually 6 of them on this property.

Lago de Viverone.