Day 55: Fiorenzuola D'Arda

Number of kilometres today: 36.0

Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 1,388.1

Total steps since Canterbury:  1,960,760

It was a long, tough day. 

36 kilometres alongside some busy and some narrow roads where the cars came within an inch of clipping me. There was too much unavoidable sticky clay mud. The river won. I had to walk an extra 2 kms to get around it as it just wasn't passable. Two separate dog attacks. Two streams forded bare foot. I have had a temperature most of the day and am fighting off a cold. I cried twice. Once I sobbed. I swore a lot especially at some of the drivers. 

But I had an old gentleman get off his bike beside and walk beside me chatting. Another one offered me coffee as I passed by. Two kids on a farm came running to greet me and waved at me until I couldn't see them anymore. I ate lunch under a tree its leaves glowing golden rust. I've even been fascinated by the newly ploughed fields with massive clumps of earth. I have a bed in the parish house and there is hot water.

All I need now is a hug and someone to bring me some chicken noodle soup so I can just eat and go to sleep instead of walk on my sore feet around this new town to hunt down my dinner.

(For my facebook friends if you feel like you have read this before, you have.  In the interests of catching up on some posts without being up all night, I have re-used some of my facebook posts that summarise my day.  I have a lot to say and I would love to add more but my first priority is sleep.  I have some long days climbing through the Appenines ahead of me.)

Church door on the way out of Piacenza.

Statue on another church out of Piacenza.

The sun made an appearance for the first time in a week, for 15 minutes anyway.

Its all ploughed fields in this region.  I have become captivated by ploughed fields though espeically the ones with huge clumps of muddy earth turned over.

The river I couldn't cross which made me detour onto...

this awful road where the cars came so close I swore I was going to get clipped and face plant.

My favourite type of ploughed field.

Seedlings.  A hint of green and change fro pure brown.

A stream to ford...

Too wide an deep to wear the Red Beasts so off they came...

Graffiti in the middle of nowhere...

A beautiful road leading to...

another stream to ford.

The chruch in Fiorenzuola D'Arda. Chiesa di San Fiorenzo.