Day 57: Fornovo di Taro

Number of kilometres today: 36.1

Total kilometres walked from Canterbury: 1,448.0

Total steps since Canterbury:  2,044,953

I'm in the foothills of the Appenines. It's amazing how quickly the landscape can change and it is really beautiful around here.

It was a loooong day. 10 hours. 36 kilometres. Hills. Too much of my least favourite type of mud.  The type that clumps to the bottom of the Red Beasts and stays there not wanting to budge.  The type that has to be plied off and that takes forever to ply off and then five minutes later you wonder why you bothered when you find yourself walking on more chunky clay mud. 

The Two Rodneys aka my hiking poles kept me company all day. I haven't used them very often only when walking through and out of the Alps.  I prefer to use them off-road not on bitumen.  Today, they made my day more rhythmic and easier and faster and flow.

I've hit a new all time low in the cool stakes . Not only do I wear zip off travel pants that are constantly splattered with mud, a super quick dry travel tshirt, a bum bag, the daggiest sun cap ever and on top of that have very noticeable sunglasses marks burned onto my face and wild stringy grey hairs sprouting from my part-line  but I now pass through towns using my hiking poles instead of putting them away. I've given up caring. People are going to stare at me anyway.

Tonight, I am almost comatose. My feet are swollen and I'm a better hobbit than the hobbit. The only thing on my mind is sleep and whether can I walk a hilly 31kms tomorrow. I have already stayed up way too late trying to catch up on blog posts and uploading photos so I can free up storage space on phone knowing that I am probably without wifi for the next few days.

A day at a time.  A step at a time.  My intention is to make it to Bercetto.  I will see tomorrow, what tomorrow brings.

Foggy exit from Fidenza

All taken at different places...all different autumn leave

Foggy but golden exit from Fidenza

Spider webs everywhere in the fields this morning

Tree shrine


The sun trying to make an appearance

And eventually the fog cleared and I could see where I was

Just outside Costamezzana

That hill is stepper than it looks and that road is horrible clay mud.

An amazing sky day....

Descending into Felegara

The railway bridge 

View from the bridge into Fornovo di Taro