Inspiring and supporting you on your journey to live your deepest dreaming and discover your own wild freedom

I am a poet and storyteller not a news writer. I write letters from my my heart to yours, openly sharing my experience, dreaming, insights and learnings from my own life and awakening journey as an offering of inspiration, encouragement and support to you from a fellow traveller. This is my deepest joy.

My writing is infused by my: 

  • sense of wonder
  • appreciation of beauty
  • connection to nature and spirit
  • curiousity about life and the meaning we give it
  • commitment to awakening and living a heart-driven life
  • love of slowing down and listening to the silence that holds everything.

Life unfolds to its own do my letters. You will find them in your inbox guided by inspiration, intuition and divine timing.

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I look forward to connecting with you.