This moment matters

"As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out the present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love—even the most simple action."— Eckhart Tolle

Whilst dreaming of what the future might hold, the places you could go, the things you might see, the things you will do.
Remember, this moment matters.

On the pavement, a grasshopper sits so still as if death has descended. A too close inspection determines it is actually still hopping full of life.

Whilst planning how you might bring those dreams to fruition, what steps you will take and by when you will take them.
Remember, this moment matters.

The washing machine rocks and rumbles. The metronome of time ticks the odd seconds and tocks the even ones. The leaning tower of Christmas radiates ‘eau de dying pine.’ Beneath the observations and the sounds, a deep and pervading stillness holds everything.

When rushing forward into your day thinking about the myriad of tasks you have to do and everything else you’re yet to figure out to get you where you want to be.
Remember, this moment matters.

Dried summer leaves, curled and crinkled like butter-colored crisps, chase each other round in twirling circles.

When lamenting what was said in anger and cannot be taken back, that look of hurt upon your loved one’s face.
When regretting the extra piece of cake you ate and the exercise you didn’t do to make up for it.
When wishing you hadn’t spent money on those shoes, that gadget, that thing you didn’t really need and hoped would make you happy but left you feeling guilty.
Remember, that lamented, regretted moment is gone and whilst it cannot be undone, you can say sorry and you can forgive yourself.
Despite the game of shame and blame and wishing you had done better.
Remember, still this moment matters.

On the bench and on the floor: pink and blue sprinkles, silver sugar balls, scraps of golden dough. Sticky fingers. Icing covered bowl and beaters. Four plates of gingerbread cookies: stars, bells, angels, Christmas trees, crumbly circles. Two happy girls eat their creations, eyes large and alive with simple joy.


When you are worried about how everything is going to turn out, if you’ll ever find lasting love, have your own family, buy a house, feel financially secure, live your life’s purpose, feel happy after so much gloom, heal your broken body or your broken heart.
Know that you are held and supported in this moment by a great and invisible presence, even when it feels like nothing is there and you’re all alone.
Remember, this moment matters.

Cicadas chorus. Distant dogs bark. Across the street, water gushes from a hose or a sprinkler. A cool breeze sweeps away the remainder of the day's heat and the trees sing its lullaby. The crescent moon watches over the end of this day and the birth of night. In this here now, all is well.

This moment.
This is where your life unfolds, not in your thoughts of tomorrow, not in your thoughts of yesterday.
The richness is in the felt experience of now.
It is this moment that matters.

Looking into blue eyes I meet me in the other. We tenderly touch at the edges of the great eternal but only for a moment. At risk of losing myself, I look away and the connection is broken.

This moment.
In the richness of your breath, feeling the warmth of your body, the ever faithful pumping of your heart.
This is where your true life resides.
Remember, it is this moment that matters.

Cold raindrops bless warm skin. Thunder rumbles. Screeching cockatoos streak the dark grey sky, their sunset bellies soft pink.

Being here in this moment now
you will be present to yourself
present to others
present to beauty,
without doing anything
just being here in this moment.

This is the gift.
This is the gift.

Always remember, this moment matters.

Tangerine afterglow above the golden lights of suburbia. Summer’s dried grass an impromptu dance floor.

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