In the water I am free

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it" — Lao Tzu

35 degrees Celsius in the middle of March. The pool beckons.

Facing forward, I climb down the ladder into the warm water that wraps around me like a welcoming silk kimono—
so soothing to my skin.

I hold my breath and slip beneath the surface.
Pulling the water down past my torso as I kick myself forward—
I fly.
In the water, I am free.

Slowly, I exhale the breath that sustains me so that I can extend my visit to this other world.
In these precious seconds I am the purest joy.
My body dissolves, thoughts evaporate, pain is pacified.
My spirit merges with the molecules that surround me.
Here, it feels more home than terrestrial life above me.

Except my lungs tug for more air.
I cannot stay and bob back up to the surface.

I float on my back with my eyes closed as I breathe and feel,
buoyed by a trillion molecules of life support.

In the water, I am complete.
There is nothing I want, nothing I need—
except to stay here,
nurtured in this innocence.

On Saturday 19th March it is World Water Day.

This poem is my expression of my deepest gratitude and love for water that has not only quenched my thirst and cleansed me throughout my life but nurtured, touched, inspired and guided me.

No water, no life.

May the waters be blessed and continue to sustain life on our precious planet.
May we all be grateful for the water’s life giving sustenance.
May we all be grateful for our precious lives.

With love and gratitude,

Kym xx