Day 35: Rest day in Vevey

Vevey was definitely the right place for me to have a rest day.

I woke up at 7am but managed to sleep for one more hour.  I indulged myself in a long and slow breakfast in my hotel.  Coffee, orange juice, croissant and bread with butter and jam.  You always pay extra for breakfast in hotels and it generally isn't value for money which is why it was an indulgence.

I rested in my room until mid-day researching accommodation options for the next few days which I have now booked so that all I have to do is walk and arrive at my next destination.  Until I reach Grand Saint Bernard pass, my walking days will be no longer than 23 kilometres.  In a couple of days times, the walking will be all uphill and I want to enjoy it.

I strolled down into the town at lunchtime and had lunch at a cafe in the shopping centre, bought my feet a pair of warm, soft and fluffy socks for after walking, replenished my toiletries with travel miniatures and bought a new toothbrush that folds and stores inside itself.

I strolled down to the lake which was wildly different than yesterday.  No calm waters today.  Wind that caused waves and blew the haze away from the Alps making the base of them clearly visible.  I strolled the streets around Place du Marche and up to the Church of Saint Martin on the hill before returning to my hotel where I have stayed off my feet and eaten another picnic dinner. 

Tomorrow I walk to Aigle at the foot of the Alps.

Mountain bike race in town 

La Veveyse