I am here to support you to create your own wild freedom and walk your own unique path in life by:

  • connecting with your deepest essence and dreaming

  • tapping into your own wisdom

  • befriending your fear

  • encouraging your courageousness

  • crossing the thresholds into the mysterious and magical unknown, and

  • holding a safe and unconditionally loving space for healing


I am a fan of dissolving convention and constrictive beliefs to live life true to your soul's calling.

I whole-heartedly believe in the art of listening to your heart's desires especially those ideas you call crazy, foolish, a waste of money or that you defer with "one day I'll do it." 

I welcome confusion and not knowing what to do as an invitation to access the deep wisdom within and come home to your true self.

I compassionately understand that often from our deepest wounds emerge our deepest gifts and offerings of love and service to others and that it takes great courage and vulnerability to invite someone into your inner world to reveal the real you in your pain, fear or confusion. I am deeply grateful for this honour and privilege. 

I love holding space for the exploration of your hopes, dreams, fears, disappointments and deepest wounds and helping you navigate your life's unfolding through your own emerging process.

I write about and share my own life's story to inspire and encourage your own commitment to living and walking your authentic path in life.


Maybe you feel like you have lost your path in life or you were never on it in the first place.

Maybe you feel like you left your dreams behind or the dreams you followed have left you feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled and wondering if this is all there is to life.

Maybe you are hearing the call to take another path that is not yet visible and it feels confusing or even terrifying.

Maybe you are already standing at visible crossroads wondering which way you should go and you feel stuck and afraid

Maybe the path you are on has suddenly disappeared and you feel doubt and despair.

Maybe you're wondering what it means to live a meaningful and deeply fulfilling life, what it looks like and how do you get there.

Maybe you feel like your life is falling apart and you are exhausted by the stress of trying to hold it all together whilst you are lost in the sea of anxiety, sadness and grief.


I've also been in these places of fear, doubt, confusion, distress, grief, doubt and not-knowing in my own life. I learned how to listen my own deep calling and inner wisdom and use it to navigate my awakening path as it unfolds and I'm passionate about supporting you to do this too. This is my life's deepest calling.

So I welcome you here to this important moment in your awakening journey and embrace you just as you are.

Your fear, your doubt, your despair, your grief, your confusion, your not-knowing may feel uncomfortable and even distressing, but these messengers hold a sacred invitation, clues to explore and unravel and guide you to listen and follow the wisdom that will lead you from the inside out and support you throughout all of your life in everything you do.

Let's connect and get you on your own way to following your inner wisdom with a copy of my free ebook, Finding Your Way: photos and wisdom to guide you onto your authentic path.

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