You have a sense of calling, a knowing that there is something specific you came into this life to be or do, but fear, self-doubt and unworthiness keep stopping you in your tracks, so how to begin?


Whatever it is that is calling you,
Whatever it is that your heart knows and desires but you might not yet understand with your mind,
Whatever change it is that you want to make in your life or adventure you want to embark on,
No matter how difficult, scary, illogical or impossible it feels,
or how much you doubt yourself,
I know you can do it.

This calling you feel is what you came here to do.

Courageous and free is what you came here to be.

Everything is inside you.

Sometimes you need someone to shine a light beside you while you dive into the ocean and bring back your treasure.

Copy of Deeply Perceptive Pilgrim.png

Hi, I’m Kym.

I work beside you to navigate barriers to change and bring you closer to your calling, whatever that may be.

I’m here to help you tap into your own wisdom so that you can courageously follow your heart’s guidance.

My work focuses on deeply listening to the call within you, navigating the barriers to change, and cultivating the courage to step over edges into the wild unknown. I offer this through my coaching practice, holistic counselling and writing.

I love supporting people and making change feel easier. My sincere wish is that whether we cross paths through my website, writing or 1:1, that I touch your heart in some way, and leave you feeling encouraged and inspired to live boldly. This would be my great honour.